Substance and structure.

They say you know good design when you see it. We would add that you know good design when it improves your life. Whether it’s a school, a commercial building, or a retail space, the common denominator is people and their tools of the trade. Good design is problem solving, relying on a comprehensive initial discovery process, and translating client vision into a tangible, purposeful plan that regards the user as highly as the aesthetics. At Belli, we serve our clients as true advocates and trusted advisors, and are fully client-centric in our design approach. Your project vision is always front and center.

Case Study

D’Arrigo Corporate Office


Challenge: Unique to the grower/shipper model, provide an environment conducive to sales and administrative functions, yet near the cooling and shipping facility, whereby there is effective communication between departments. Create a showpiece building in the California mission style with rich finishes.
Solution: Created inward directed administration spaces immediately adjacent to shipping and cooling functions with controlled access. Used cruciform layout to provide inter-department connections. Created separation between administration and production with the use of colonnades and a large plaza often used as an event venue.
Results: A cloistered campus feel and efficiency, with flexible venues for corporate and community events, reflecting the client’s unique character.
Contractor: SSB Construction
Case Study

Scheid Winery


Challenge: Develop a winery to allow the business to transition from selling grapes to making wine and diversify product lines, under an extremely tight time frame coinciding with harvest deadlines.
Solution: Applied knowledge of County agency requirements to generate quick permit approval, fast tracked the project necessitating managing a host of experienced consultants through a critical decision making path. Designed and built a 100,000 sq. ft winery with a 30,000 ton crush capacity in less than 12 months.
Results: Greater company performance and diversity due to the ability to transfer a raw material (grape juice) into a value added product (wine).
Contractor: Mill Construction Company and SSB Construction
Case Study

Hartnell Field House


Challenge: As part of the greater Hartnell athletic facility, integrate with recently completed athletic fields to create a building that serves the needs of multiple sports programs without turning its back to any of them.
Solution: Developed a unique floor plan with two offset masses joined by a 2-sided spine that provides approach and access to common functions, such as concessions, from all directions.
Results: A well-integrated centerpiece for Hartnell’s state-of-the-art athletic facilities that enables a flexible anchor for sports and sports education, with a specially designed donor wall to be used to recognize past and future community contributors to the college athletic programs.
Contractor: Tombleson Inc.
Case Study

Carmel Plaza


Challenge: Working within the existing building framework and restrictive jurisdictional requirements, refresh and reinvigorate the shopping experience at Carmel’s only dedicated shopping center, by addressing aging aesthetics and retail sightlines.
Solution: Modernized and less intensely planted the courtyard area to better accommodate the shopping experience.  Enhanced the incorporation of food and drink to create a fun, lively shopping destination. Provided improved foot traffic flow and visibility to tenant spaces and visibility of center from public way.
Results: Currently in the design phase, the renderings reflect the client vision of a vibrant retail space, encompassing shopping, dining and entertainment making the Center a first choice destination for Carmel visitors.
Contractor: Hare Construction