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Quality is centered on what a company puts into their product, it’s also critically based on what the customer gets out of it. The value and quality of an architect’s work comes from more than good design, it is fulfilled when they translate the intangible into the tangible. The tangible product of an architect is their drawings, and complete drawings are essential. These documents include details required to execute the complicated process of constructing a building. Quality documents stem from a highly capable staff, up to date technology, and an internal standard of excellence. At Belli, we are a team that is engaged in the work, and with high expectations for contribution and development. We take care of the details, that’s our expertise.

Case Study

Harden Foundation Restoration


Challenge: Make better use of the estate by enhancing and preserving Foundation capital assets, specifically restoring a historic wind engine and remodeling existing structures.
Solution: Undertook major renovation of highly visible and unique wind engine as a focal point.  Completed extensive engineering to stabilize wind engine structure keeping with the historic nature of the building.  Modernized other structures to accommodate meetings, conferences and tour groups.
Results: A unique identity for the Foundation with a greater connection between it and its grant recipients, and an enhanced venue with views into historic agricultural, mechanical and farm life.
Contractor: Dilbeck & Sons Inc.
Case Study

Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Challenge: Create a safe, attractive and efficient elementary school for one of the State’s fastest growing school districts while respecting the District’s budgetary restrictions.
Solution: Designed the school with unique areas for kindergarten students to learn and play and incorporated technology to support various learning styles and teaching methods.  Constructed under the Lease-Leaseback program, the first in Monterey County, the District was able to maximize their construction budget while minimizing costs and delays.
Results: A well planned campus providing effective use of administrative, classroom and playground spaces, constructed in a way that met strict schedule and budget requirements.
Contractor: Dilbeck & Sons Inc.
Case Study

Goodwill North Main

Challenge: Provide a complete, complex program of retail, job development services and donation processing on a site restricted in size, and subject to newly minted storm water mitigation standards on a fixed budget.
Solution: Worked closely with civil and geotechnical engineering to find a storm water solution that would maximize uses on the site.  Persistent communication with the City regarding water standards to advocate a reasonable interpretation while still satisfying requirements.
Results: A highly efficient, sustainable and multi-use building providing the client with all the functionality necessary, and showcasing innovative water treatment systems and full solar capability.
Contractor: Avila Construction Company